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3.11.04 - onopa - milwaukee, wi w/ the Von Bondies, The Avatars. show #9

These are grotzoro's words on our show with the Von Bondies. I'm re-posting them here because it's really good and he has yet to utilize this comm, which should serve in part as a band blog/recap of our shows:

- Jason Stollstermeisterhoffenhiemer was a pretty cool guy to me once I went into the basement half drunk already and just sat in the middle of their entourage because I wanted unfettered access to our beer and didn't want to be upstairs before the show during the "filtering in" process. He seemed to remember everyone he ever met in Wisconsin vividly and I did my best not to convey that everyone he mentioned would probably act like he sucked now. Our contact was positive, he had very good things to say about us and earned himself a cd. At the same time, I could easily see how one might eventually find a need to rearrange his facial construct if the need became immediate.

- The show ran really early because they had to play on the Mancow show in Chicago this morning. Like starting the show before the posted 10pm start time early. There was some rancor (yes, I went there) with the Avatars (put down the pen and paper because it ain't time to write Mom) because Marc Solheim wouldn't go back on all his advertising and make us play first.

- Post-rancor-driven set, we were cut off after 5 songs due to time but I thought we smoked personally. We're getting to a comfort level after 7 or 8 shows where we don't have to think about what we're doing so much and can feel it more. But yeah, I feel bad for anyone who did come just to see us in terms of the short set and that we were playing so much earlier than expected. We were the second band and I was walking gear out to my car at 11.

- The Von Bondies stagehand guy made me move away from the side of the stage for their "exit". I responded to this with what I believe to be a pretty nice "nancy. foo-foo. rockstars need to make an exit before their set-listed encore" walk (please read that quotation in a "Homer Simpson mocks someone" tone) that I know Chuck enjoyed far more than the thickneck did.

- I went home from the show with 15 beers in my backpack because either the Von Bondies and Avatars don't drink (XstraightedgeXDetroitXgarageXrockXforeverX!X!X) or just don't drink when they have to be up so early. I had already backpacked 6 under a veil of stealth and cunning and then Solheim was like "Hey, you guys should take all their beer". I'm beginning to believe Chuck's hype about how much this guy loves us. I drank one of these before work and another out of a McDonald cup walking in late and once I arrived.
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