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2.28.04 - The Press 2-year anniversary - onopa - milwaukee +Klipspringer, Modern Machines. show #8.

because i'm a nerd and want to document almost every waking moment of this band, i'm going to give a whirl at a backdated entry for this show, which sucked for us, but is still necessary in linking show #7 to show #9.
This show took place on a night when there were 4 different shows happening all within 3 blocks of each other.
  • Nelsonics at the Uptowner.
  • Tex DJ set at Riverhorse.
  • Holy Mary Motor Club CD release show at Mad Planet.
    ... and our show.
    the night before was crazy insane (re: stevens point), and at least I was still hung over from drinking as much as we did, and i was definitely just coming down with strep throat at this point, as i spent the majority of the next week in bed.
    The show was cool because it was catered with loads of mini sandwiches, chips, etc. and we got to play with some of our friends' bands, many of whom hadn't seen us until this night. furthermore, a lot of good people came out of the woodwork for the show.
    alas, our set was par at best and it was really difficult to go from playing in front of 700 wild kids to playing a patchily - attended hall with the only people who (kinda) cared were our 30-some friends. it kind of sucked to be playing knowing so many more of our friends were just a few doors down at Tex's dj thing, not wanting to fork over the $5 cover for our show.
    Anyway, our set was laden by goofy anecdotes and us throwing the aforementioned mini sandwiches at each other during breaks. we weren't having a good set musically so we made up for it with crowd interaction and fucking around a lot.
    after we played, klipspringer brought the house down with their happy pop-rock.
    that's about all i remember.
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