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2.28.04 - The Press 2-year anniversary - onopa - milwaukee +Klipspringer, Modern Machines. show #8. 
04:04pm 28/02/2004
  because i'm a nerd and want to document almost every waking moment of this band, i'm going to give a whirl at a backdated entry for this show, which sucked for us, but is still necessary in linking show #7 to show #9.
This show took place on a night when there were 4 different shows happening all within 3 blocks of each other.
  • Nelsonics at the Uptowner.
  • Tex DJ set at Riverhorse.
  • Holy Mary Motor Club CD release show at Mad Planet.
    ... and our show.
    the night before was crazy insane (re: stevens point), and at least I was still hung over from drinking as much as we did, and i was definitely just coming down with strep throat at this point, as i spent the majority of the next week in bed.
    The show was cool because it was catered with loads of mini sandwiches, chips, etc. and we got to play with some of our friends' bands, many of whom hadn't seen us until this night. furthermore, a lot of good people came out of the woodwork for the show.
    alas, our set was par at best and it was really difficult to go from playing in front of 700 wild kids to playing a patchily - attended hall with the only people who (kinda) cared were our 30-some friends. it kind of sucked to be playing knowing so many more of our friends were just a few doors down at Tex's dj thing, not wanting to fork over the $5 cover for our show.
    Anyway, our set was laden by goofy anecdotes and us throwing the aforementioned mini sandwiches at each other during breaks. we weren't having a good set musically so we made up for it with crowd interaction and fucking around a lot.
    after we played, klipspringer brought the house down with their happy pop-rock.
    that's about all i remember.
    3.11.04 - onopa - milwaukee, wi w/ the Von Bondies, The Avatars. show #9 
    03:24pm 12/03/2004
      These are grotzoro's words on our show with the Von Bondies. I'm re-posting them here because it's really good and he has yet to utilize this comm, which should serve in part as a band blog/recap of our shows:

    - Jason Stollstermeisterhoffenhiemer was a pretty cool guy to me once I went into the basement half drunk already and just sat in the middle of their entourage because I wanted unfettered access to our beer and didn't want to be upstairs before the show during the "filtering in" process. He seemed to remember everyone he ever met in Wisconsin vividly and I did my best not to convey that everyone he mentioned would probably act like he sucked now. Our contact was positive, he had very good things to say about us and earned himself a cd. At the same time, I could easily see how one might eventually find a need to rearrange his facial construct if the need became immediate.

    - The show ran really early because they had to play on the Mancow show in Chicago this morning. Like starting the show before the posted 10pm start time early. There was some rancor (yes, I went there) with the Avatars (put down the pen and paper because it ain't time to write Mom) because Marc Solheim wouldn't go back on all his advertising and make us play first.

    - Post-rancor-driven set, we were cut off after 5 songs due to time but I thought we smoked personally. We're getting to a comfort level after 7 or 8 shows where we don't have to think about what we're doing so much and can feel it more. But yeah, I feel bad for anyone who did come just to see us in terms of the short set and that we were playing so much earlier than expected. We were the second band and I was walking gear out to my car at 11.

    - The Von Bondies stagehand guy made me move away from the side of the stage for their "exit". I responded to this with what I believe to be a pretty nice "nancy. foo-foo. rockstars need to make an exit before their set-listed encore" walk (please read that quotation in a "Homer Simpson mocks someone" tone) that I know Chuck enjoyed far more than the thickneck did.

    - I went home from the show with 15 beers in my backpack because either the Von Bondies and Avatars don't drink (XstraightedgeXDetroitXgarageXrockXforeverX!X!X) or just don't drink when they have to be up so early. I had already backpacked 6 under a veil of stealth and cunning and then Solheim was like "Hey, you guys should take all their beer". I'm beginning to believe Chuck's hype about how much this guy loves us. I drank one of these before work and another out of a McDonald cup walking in late and once I arrived.
    2.27.04 - "punk in point" festival w/ Lucky Boys Confusion, Bosio, Yellow Press, and Mystery Girls 
    06:56pm 28/02/2004
      (show #7)
    ... one of those rare nights when a young band that's accustomed to playing in dingy basements and empty bars garnering nothing more than a lukewarm response gets to feel like rockstars.
    (sponsored by Old Style, Canadian Mist blended whiskey, Lucky Boys Confusion's deli tray, and Depends undergarments)
    Cody had been talking this show down since we booked it.
    "nobody really cares about the bands but at least it's guaranteed money and a hotel room."
    when we first pulled up to the building, there were a few people wandering around but it pretty much seemed like his assumption would be right on.
    We loaded in, did a soundcheck, and by 6:30 there was a line of kids stretching down the halls and around the building waiting to get in.
    the final tally was just over 600.
    They ran it with 2 stages: one on the south wall and one on the west wall. when one band would finish, the audience had to do little but a quarter turn in either direction to watch the next.
    The Mystery Girls opened up the show, and the soundguys were really fucking up bad with them. At first it was all bass and vocals, then suddenly there were NO bass or vocals and some phantom feedback that went on over 2 or more songs. it eventually worked out, but the majority of their set was fucked because of the sound guys not being able to get their shit together.
    We went on right after them, and i think we got a better mix than they did, but at one point i heard some random feedbacking too.
    we played about a 7-song set. all the normal stuff. we were planning to test out some new material, but decided to put on our A-game given the massive attendance.
    The night was a night of firsts:
  • first time Crossed Wires got to hit the road together and party down overnight as a unit.
  • first time we'd played in front of that many people.
  • first time we had a mosh pit
  • first time we had an entire audience doing a handclap part with us.
    ... do you know how fucking awesome and energetic that is to be on stage rocking your ass off and see that many people dancing, smiling, totally dialed into what you're doing and clapping their hands over their head??
    oh my GOD! DUDE!
    i have this image burned into my memory of looking off stage with my cymbals in the foreground, seeing silouettes of hands up in the air through beads of sweat, and it makes me smile each time i think of it.
    oh yeah, back to firsts:
  • first time we got to play with Bosio
  • first time we had our CDs for sale
  • first time i had kids asking for drumsticks and autographs.
  • first time i got to autograph a tit.
    as the show went on, i spent more and more time in the dressing room and watching the bands intermittently ... while drinking my contraband Old Style from underneath a scrap of paper. I then noticed that Bosio had a fucking line for their merch, but nobody was watching or pushing our stuff. I then preceeded to stand behind our merch and harass all of Bosio's customers into picking up one of our CD's as well. I moved at least 15 units this way, and bargained with everyone. This hands-on approach to sales also lead to many people asking for autographs and 14-year-old girls asking for my drumsticks. This was awesome. drunken merch-pushing is the best idea. ever.
    I was also drunkenly giving my number out to tons of people trying to get a bunch of people to come to the after-party. this resulted in my phone ringing off the hook for 3 straight hours from random numbers. some of these people actually came out to the party though.
    We had a sign by our CDs that said something to the order of "Tit Signings: $2" (i think this was Amber's doing), and as i tried to sell a CD to this girl, she saw the sign and asked if we were really charging for tit signings. i said, "well, i won't charge you if you want one" (smooth, right?? hahaha) and she instantly pulled down her shirt, saying "ok, you can sign the pierced one."
    This blew minds (including my own) and earned a standing ovation from the Members of the Yellow Press and everyone else who witnessed it. She came to hang out later, and cody chased her away.
    (I should also add that Bosio and Members of the Yellow Press were both AMAZING and I hope we can all play some shows together soon)
    The after-party was amazing in a different way, and my memory starts to get foggy here. except for talking with the singer from Lucky Boys Confusion. He was really nice and asked what band i was in, and everything. (note: all the guys in Lucky Boys stayed in their dressing room throughout the whole show and played their songs acoustically. we could hear them through the wall in our dressing room and it was annoying.) He admitted that he didn't watch us, which was cool. but i sprung back and said, "no, it's cool. i didn't watch your band either. we all finished your deli tray and candy while you were playing." Despite me drunkenly going for a direct SNAP! i think he was just amused.
    His name is Stibby. and later on when i called him Stubby, he politely corrected me. then i think i asked him if i could call him "Stubby." to which he said, "yeah. but that's not my name." he was getting really annoyed so i walked away.
    also, Devin, the junior drummer for Bosio, was throwing mad game at the party, until i told all the girls he was macking on that he was 17. which he is. this pissed him off and he yelled at me for ruining his game. It was funny. Andy Silverman was also accosted for personally killing jesus christ.

    So, Team Crossed Wires played a great show, showed Stevens Point what's what, partied down plenty, managed to make it through an 18-pack of Old Style (along with random stolen beers from other people) and most of the way through a liter of Canadian Mist. Made lots of new friends (and enemies), pleased the underagers, I signed a boob, we all signed lots of other random things, and moved a lot of our CDs.

    EXACTLY how i want to spend every night with this band.
    There's more, but the rest is seriously far too defaming or incriminating to ourselves and others to discuss here.
    what goes on the road stays on the road.
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    crossed wires weekend of shows... 
    10:14pm 23/02/2004
      //// friday - 2.27.04
    'punk in point' festival - uwsp - stevens point, wi
    7pm - all-ages
    w/ Lucky Boys Confusion, Bosio, Members of the Yellow Press, and the Mystery Girls
    click here for a 'so-bad-it's-funny' press release.
    i think we play first (which would only make sense) so show up early.

    //// saturday - 2.28.04
    the press 2-year anniversary party - onopa brewing co. - milwaukee, wi
    10pm - 21+
    w/ Klipspringer, The Vega Star, The Modern Machines
    unfortunately, there will be no free hot dogs.

    //// news:
    we will have our new 4-song demos available at these shows for a nominal donation.
    inflated.mp3 is one of the songs on it.
    and always check our site for more up-to-date show info.

    1.17.04 - cactus club - milwaukee - w/ the sights and hmmc. show #6. 
    02:01am 19/01/2004
      sponsored by SPARKS, jack daniels, and rail gin.
    it was the first time we've actually opened a show. It was initially threatoned that we'd have to play right at 10, but that quickly became 10:30 as nobody was really at the club yet.
    despite being somewhat ill-prepared for the set, it went off without any real problems past our first song when cody hit a pedal for the solo and the gain wasn't set like he thought it was. it took him by surprise and he pretty well botched the whole part. despite some other minor fuckups and dropping a stick once, the only thing that proved as evidence of not really being prepared was an extreme lack of flow from song-to-song. otherwise, i thought we were tight.
    we played "More Cowbell" and Alex had a direct mic on the cowbell. he also put it in my monitor, extremely loud, and it really really really fucked with me when i hit it. it was practically feeding back. which is part of the reason i dropped a stick, i think.

    Right after our set, we all proceeded to get shitty shitty drunk. I lost count of how many Jack + Cokes i had, but they were going down smooth.

    The Holy Mary Motor Club were good. Better than i expected, honestly. and i had their songs stuck in my head this morning.

    but The Sights were SO FUCKING GOOD that in my drunken stupor, i retired from playing music. i've since retracted on said statements, but still. seeing people that young play that good really tripped me out. Mystery Girls, eat your heart out. these guys executed like a motherfuck. it was like, if Jon Lord, Bill Ward, and Ron Wood started an all-star band that was occasionally poppy but still kinda stoner-rock-esque. well, at least that's how they came off live after an undisclosed number of Jack and Cokes. It was the first time i ever saw a band use a full Hammond B3 setup with top-and-bottom Leslie speaker in a club like that. He also had a Farfisa on top of the B3. His setup monopolized the stage area and was backlined when we played. it was kind of cramped for that reason. but i digress.

    After they finished, i made the singer come off the stage and stand back-to-back with Rachel to see who was taller. He was, by only one inch. and Rachel is pretty fuckin' short. (btw, what is it with short people named Rachel?) One witness also said i tried to casterate Nate Norfolk with my cymbal stand. but i didn't remember doing so this morning. I do remember having an extended conversation about hamburgers with Chris Treater. Hella random.

    today my hangover was so bad that i shit my pants and rarely left my room.

    yup, That's about it!

    (PS:) The Packers softened up Donovan McNabb for the Panthers to come in and knock him out. The Eagles offensive line blew the game for them. Patriots will win the super bowl this year and i have no plans of watching it happen.
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    08:00pm 02/01/2004